What is a dedicated server

dedicated server
what is a dedicated serverLately a lot of hosting providers competing to offer dedicated server hosting packages. With the increasing cheapness of the price of the computer, dedicated server rental prices also fell.

For the layman may be a dedicated server is less familiar to them. But for people who are experienced in managing internet network server, then what's the term dedicated server is certainly not foreign to their ears. The following article will explain clearly about the ins and outs of what a dedicated server.

Understanding what is a dedicated server

What is a dedicated server? Dedicated servers can be defined as a server that is rented separately and independent. Services dedicated server makes it possible to run demanding applications with high workloads that can not be operated on a shared hosting and VPS. Usually the dedicated web server provides a set of physical servers complete with its operating system. To log in to the web server you will gain root access so you yourself can perform server maintenance through access available.

With a dedicated server anyway, you have complete control of your server. You are free to configure the server according to the specification of your requirements. This condition is of course different from shared hosting service where you do not have control of the server. You are limited only to configure your website in cPanel menu only.

On a dedicated server, you can use these servers to perform full testing web applications, hosting services, databases, and other Internet services. To use a dedicated server, you can simply set everything out of your desk. While dedicated server hosting services laid on, you manage Dedicate server remotely from your desk.
What service excellence is a dedicated server
As mentioned above, any service that a dedicated server has the advantage of full control of all the activities that occur on a server. So all resource / server resources such as processor cores, RAM, hard drives can be set according to your needs. With full control rights will certainly provide comfort and security of your website becomes more secure.
Services dedicated server suitable for large business events and handle high data traffic. Dedicated servers also have the ability to make more than one domain name, can build a better email service, has the support of databases and software are endless.

Lack service what it is dedicated server

Although the service is what it has the advantage of a dedicated server, but what is a dedicated server service also has some shortcomings, such as:
- The high cost of renting a dedicated server.
Currently dedicated server rental fees ranging from Rp 500,000 per month up to $ 2,000,000 per month depending on the specifications of the computer that you rent a dedicated server.
- Operation of a dedicated server requires mastery of high technology.
Not just anyone capable of running dedicated servers. Some of the knowledge that needs to be mastered include: hardware and software servers, networks and the Internet, databases, and more. Besides the experience of the world internet network server is also required.

Conclusions about what is dedicated server
What is a dedicated server

From the description of what a dedicated server above it can be concluded that a dedicated server is recommended especially for those who require high computing services with full access control. But to operate a dedicated server seems to need people who are experienced in managing internet network server. Besides the expensive monthly rental fee also makes the service less desirable dedicated servers internet users

Hopefully the article about what it is dedicated servers above can be beneficial to you and can be an inspiration for us to further develop the business spirit again in the future.
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