How to Make a Website for free ?

How to Make a Website for free
How to Make a Website for free - The first thing you must decide before building your website is the theme or topic of your website, no matter if there are thousands of other websites with the same subject

because it makes you better able to improvise by placing the contents of the site. It's better if you choose an appropriate topic of your interest and something that
You know a little more than others so you can write more.

There are many ways to create a website, using HTML templates, using the website builder software, using blogger,
wordpress etc.
I prefer wordpress for beginners because it is very easy to maintain.

The first step in creating a website is domain registration, there are hundreds of websites available on the internet that will make domain registration, but as

a beginner start with a free domain registration site like www.co.cc, here you have to sign to get the account and check for the domain name

You want, because most of these are domain names that have been registered by someone else. While choosing a domain name you do not need to create a name that is very
long and short, and use unique names, create a name that can be remembered easily. It does not matter if you use the numbers in the names
domains like www.its4you.co.cc, etc.

Once you are done with this, you have to sign up to a hosting site, which will host your website, once again there are thousands of websites that will provide free

web hosting, so for a free hosting plan. I prefer the site or www.x10hosting.com www.awardspace.com. Once you register, you will be directed to the control panel
from this site, where you will find many options like FTP manager, Domain manager, MySQL manager etc. Here you need to create an FTP (file transfer
protocol) in the file manager using a user name and password and also create a database in MySQL Manager using the user name and password. (Note
that FTP and database user name and password are not necessarily the same).

Once you do this, go back to your domain registration site, where you need to fill in a few details about your host. (Note that this procedure
an explanation for co.cc and x10hosting) Click manage domains, click on your domain name and choose the option that set, where there are options such as server
names, notes and URL forwarding zone. First select the name of the server and put the server name given two boxes (usually the name is
ns1.x10hosting.com and ns2.x10hosting.com). Then click on organize again and edit the zone record with the following,

host - www.xxxx.co.cc (your site name)

type - 1D

options - A

value - xx.xx.xx.xx

For selection you need to put the IP address of the host that you can find the ping method. For example, if mysite.co.cc sitename then go to the window.
type the following command "ping mysite.co.cc '. As you type, the IP address will show, you need to enter into the box.

save the settings and you're done with half of the procedure.

Now you need to link your site with wordpress, so refer to the wordpress site and download the zip wordpress 2.8.6, which is about 2.2MB. And you also
will need an FTP client to upload wordpress to your host, so download Filezilla. Now you need to configure wordpress, so as to open a folder
wordpress-download and open a file with the name of wp-config.php-sample, you must give the name of the database name, user name, password and the name of the database server.

For example, in the sample-wp-config.php you will find sentences such as,

xxxx ('DB_NAME', 'yourdatabasename');

so here yourdatabasename replace with the database name you created in your hosting site., similarly do for user name, password, and server name (DBHost).
All values ​​will be present at the site hosting MySQLDatabases you if you forget. After changing the following things, rename the file wp-config.php and save it.

Once you do that you have to upload the wordpress files to your site so open filezilla and above you will have a choice as host,
username, password, port, so it should fill you with mandata FTP account of your hosting site. host using your own website name, port may be left blank
or put 21. Click Quickconnect and you should see the directory on your site. Now copy all the files inside wordpress (note that you have to copy

all files in a Wordress and not the folder itself) and upload it to your home directory 'public_html' on your site. There are about 750 files in wordpress.

Once done with this you need to install wordpress on your site, which is done by typing the following command in the browser http://www.yoursite.co.cc/wp-
admin / install.php. If all the above is successful then you should see There are about 750 files in wordpress. Examine the wordpress registration page where you
must include all details and questions you are now ready to publish your site. You can also upload a variety of themes and plugins to the folder wp-

content / plugins wp-content/themes or use FileZilla as well if you want.

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