What Is A Domain Name ?

What Is A Domain Name
What Is A Domain Name - For the first time you create a website you might still confused what the difference is a domain and hosting. Just what is a domain? What is a domain with hosting? The following article will help you through the ins and outs of what it was domains.

The definition of what is a domain

What is a domain? Domain is a unique name given by the domain name server to be recognized as the name of the server computer as well as on the web server and mail server on the internet. With the domain, visitors can easily identify and access a website without having to know the IP address of the website.
What difference is a domain with hosting

Different domains hosting. If anything it's domain is the address to go to a website, then hosting a storage space to accommodate the files the website. Such simple analogy, the domain is the address of your home while hosting a home of your own. Thus, domain and hosting are equally necessary to build a website and irreplaceable role.
Definition of top-level domains in what is a domain

In the Internet world, we often hear the word top level domain. Top level domains are a row of words behind the domain name to a website address. There are 2 types of top level domains. First, the global top level domain (gTLD) domain that is dedicated to all the parts of the world. Examples of gTLDs include:. Com (dotcommercial.) Net (dotnetwork.) Org (dotorganization). Edu (doteducation.) Gov (dotgoverment). Miles (dotmilitary.) Info (dotinfo) and others. Second, the country code top level domain (ccTLD). CcTLD is usually reserved for each country. For example in Indonesia using as additional ID code (. Co.id), (. Net.id), (. Or.id), (. Web.id), (. Go.id) and others. If it will be added in Singapore SG code, eg (. Com.sg), (. Net.sg) and others.
How do I buy what is a domain?

Do you want to buy a domain corresponding to your name? If Yes, then buy the domain now before you buy. As for what it means to buy a domain that is by reservation hosting provider. In general, hosting providers also sell domain names. To be more efficient, you should buy a domain and hosting at the same time on the same hosting provider because it can be cheaper. For domain name registration process takes approximately 24 hours for your domain can be used.

How do I choose a domain name what is it?
In the world of SEO, domain names are often associated with possible large number of visitors accessing your website. This is because the domain name itself will be processed by search engines as one of the criteria to sort search results. Here are some instructions on how to choose a good domain name.
- Choose a domain name that contains keywords of your website. Www.tehnyaindonesia.com example, www.download.com, www.kacang-garuda.com and others. But if your website for your own personal, then you can use your name or nickname. For example: www.microbasz.com, www.masiqbal.net and so on.
- Use the top level domain. Com to facilitate search engines record your website. You need to know that the top level domain. Preferred com search engine compared to other top level domains.
- If your website for a commercial purpose, use a domain name that is memorable and sought a lot of people. You can use the help of the Google Keyword Tool to help solve this problem.
Conclusions about what it was domains

From the description of what domain it can be concluded that the domain plays a leading role in building a website in addition to hosting. The use of a good domain name and in accordance with the rules of the domain naming will help you get traffic website traffic. Hopefully this article about what it was domains above can assist you in building a website.
What Is A Domain Name

Many domain registrar services have competent online tools to help you get your domain name and hosting site up and running.

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